So as I’ve said before, I’ll be selling stuff at my first ever Artist Alley table with Rachel (Reiish) at Animinneapolis this summer. (Hooray! I’m extremely excited and also monumentally nervous. OTL)

These are the first four of a series of Avengers posters I’m doing. (And they’re probably going to be the only poster-sized stuff I have there. D:) Natasha’s design is a bit of a mash-up between her comic and movie versions, Carol and Clint are both completely comic-designs, and Steve’s is just his standard stars and stripes that is essentially the same.

Thoughts from everyone?

(I think Cap’s blue might be a bit intense…? —EDIT: His JPEG was in CMYK, and thus was becoming more intense with the internet.— And should I give him the little tiny wings on his helmet… I had them in the sketch but I thought they were too much for the final so they weren’t added… *shrug*)

Anything I’m doing super good, good, or things that I might want to try tweaking some?

Or are the effective the way they are?


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    Oooh, I like them!
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    [Fanart: Flat color poster images of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, Natasha Romanoff as Black Widow, Steve Rogers as...
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    yes good! I wish I could buy these right now.
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    … shhhhhhh… Tony might get jealous. But yes. She’s pretty much a fave. And probably a tad better of a role model than...
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    I’m really glad that you decided to do a Captain Marvel one! She’s basically your favorite— no matter how many times you...
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